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Gros plan d'un chien noir
feathers, scales, hairs... 

Much more than a jewel

"Toutes mes créations sont réalisées à la main avec passion" 

When it comes to commemorating a special loved person or pet, there is nothing quite like a beautiful piece of jewelry. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, birthday, birth or any other milestone in life, commemorative jewelry can be the perfect way to remember and honor the moment for years to come. 

Our selection includes pendants necklaces, bracelets and key chain which can all be personalized with engravings such as names dates initials etc., making them one-of-a kind keepsakes for those who receive them! With our wide variety of styles ranging from classic modern settings vintage inspired designs, you’re sure find exactly what you need commemorate this meaningful time . Plus many items come gift wrapped ready to be offered or shipped to direct address of your choice.

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