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Discover how we proceed for the creation of horsehair bracelets!

  • How should I proceed ?
    THE HAIR CUTTING Brush and detangle your horse's tail well Cut a strand of its tail, diameter about 1cm (approximate thickness of your finger) and as long as possible (about 40cm). To prevent it from showing too much, consider taking a wick from the back of the tail rather than the front! Tie the wick with a well-secured rubber band YOUR WRIST SIZE Using a small string, go around your wrist and cut it precisely to measure the circumference SENDING In a small envelope, place the wick delicately with your order form without forgetting the string SPECIAL REQUEST If you have several orders, do not forget to specify which horsehair for which jewel with which wrist circumference!
  • shipping address
    Please send your envelope to the following address: The Wild Case Avenue des Vergys 8 1225 Chêne-Bourg - Switzerland
  • In how many days can I get my bijou  back?
    It usually takes no less than fifteen to twenty working days (Monday to Friday). Unfortunately, our mini team of passionate humans cannot work faster. The bracelets are all unique and elaborated by hand in detail, according to the rules of the art. All the stages of creation are respected and we take the time it takes to offer you the most beautiful jewel that can exist. We thank you for your understanding and your patience.
  • What is the lifespan of my L'ECRIN SAUVAGE jewellery?
    Let's assume that you take care of your jewelry, it can last a lifetime. Of course, insofar as you avoid showering with it or putting it under fire... Horsehair is generally very strong once treated with our natural formula but does not resist flames! Regarding the Stainless Steel findings in 925 silver, gold plated, 5N pink gold (according to Swiss standards) they can last you a lifetime! NORMAL USE ● Avoid contact of the jewel with perfumes ● Keep your jewelry individually (to avoid scratches), away from air and humidity ● Take off your jewelry to play sports, sleep, in the shower or at the beach MATERIALS USED Silver and Solid Gold / Stainless Steel / 925 Silver / Gold Plated / 5 N Rose Gold Plated 925 SILVER PRIMER Sterling silver is an alloy whose composition by weight is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. The fineness of sterling silver is at least 925.
  • My bracelet is broken, what can I do ?"
    As far as possible, if of course the bracelet is not cut in half, we can try to repair it. Do not hesitate to send us a request by email:
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